I'm making a major change in my life. Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say I'm continuing with a period of major change in my life.

In case you haven't heard, my wife of 13 years and I separated in May 2018. The divorce has been finalized in the courts and we are both legally free to do as we wish in regards to romantic endeavors.

Of course, having gone through this long and unnecessarily excruciating process in the court system, it makes one ask: why the f*ck is the government involved in the marriage business anyway? But that's an issue for a different day.

The big announcement is this: I'm moving out of the United States on August 12, 2019. I met a gal who lives in Vietnam. Her name is Shafieh Dorry, but everyone calls her Sana (pronounced "sauna"). With all due respect to women I've loved before, Sana is the best woman I've ever known. Within just a few moments of meeting her and getting to know her, I knew I'd potentially be making the biggest mistake of my life to not pursue the relationship with everything I've got.

So beginning in March 2019, I began in earnest to convince Sana that I'm worthy of her respect, affection and love. And it seems to have been efficacious because I'm indeed flying to Vietnam on August 12 to make the relationship work, as they say.

I've told only a few people about this until now. This is the first public announcement I've made about it.

Each time I've shared it with friends and family, a bunch of questions have arisen regarding the move, the relationship between Sana and myself, my relationship with my son and so on.

So I'll address the questions I've been asked most often now.