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Ep. 19 Humiliated Prisoner Discovers True Love Via the Power of Visualization


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Ep. 18 My Own Personal Easy School of Hard Knocks. The Interviewing Tables are Turned!

James Newcomb

A few weeks ago, an associate on Facebook asked if anyone would be willing to help him with his interview skills. I replied I’d be happy to, seeing how so many folks have paid it forward helping me in my journey. While he’s wet behind the ears as an interviewer, Roberto did a good job…

Ep. 17 The Moral Imperative for Trumpeters to Charge a Fee for Playing Taps


The mindless obedience to our overlords to praise the military and “the nation” on July 4 has irritated me for quite some time. That mindset is exactly what the signers of the Declaration of Independence were declaring their independence from, when you get right down to it. So on July 4, 2018, while on tour with a drum…