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Hijinks and Sweet Music

Ep. 19 Brian Newman’s band director said he’d never succeed as a musician. Good thing Lady Gaga didn’t meet his band director.

About the guest: “It’s beyond the name of my car, it’s a nod to an era that went big in every sense of the word. Big bands, big cars and big lapels.  It’s an era where the show and showmanship were at the forefront. The SHOWBOAT, is more than just music, it’s a fully immersive jazz…

Ep. 18 Unauthorized Patriotism: The Little Known Story Behind Jimi Hendrix’ Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock

Was Jimi Hendrix’ raucous performance of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock disrespectful? Many believe that to be the case upon hearing it. Courtney Brown, professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta believes otherwise. He believes Hendrix displayed true patriotism with his performance. You know, the unauthorized form of patriotism which actually criticizes the…

Ep. 17 Intellectual Property: Bastard Child of the Gatekeepers

In this episode, Stephan Kinsella and I discuss the pros and cons (we’re heavy on the cons) of intellectual property. It has a surprising history that in some ways resembles the process of appeasing certain “gatekeepers” in order to make a living today! About the guest: http://www.stephankinsella.com/about/ What is The Easy School of Hard Knocks?

Ep. 16 Why You Need to Discard Camaraderie Like Yesterday’s Scab at an Audition

Dr. Don Greene, a peak performance psychologist, has taught his comprehensive approach to peak performance mastery at The Juilliard School, Colburn School, New World Symphony, Los Angeles Opera Young Artists Program, Vail Ski School, Perlman Music Program, and US Olympic Training Center. Episode Sponsor: Kion Coffee If all you want is a cup of coffee in the…

Ep. 15 Unschooling, Life Coaching, Near Death Experiences w/ Gina Johnson

“It literally saved my life, and put it in a totally different trajectory from where I was going just 5 years ago.” Gina Johnson has not lived a boring life. Hear her incredible story of faith, struggle and redemption in today’s episode. Guest Website: synergymindsetcoaching.com