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Ep. 14 What are Moving Sound Pictures? Victor Haskins Has the Answer. After All, He Invented It.

https://jamesnewcomb.io/14 Here’s video of Victor’s performance at the CNU Trumpet Festival in January, 2019. I erroneously stated in the podcast that the video I’d be sharing was a performance similar to what I watched, but it turns out it’s the actual performance. Guest Website: victorhaskins.com

Ep. 13 The Disestablishmentarianization of Classical Music

About the Guest: Two-time Global Music Awards Winner Stephen P Brown helps musicians ignite their passion and find the confidence to unleash spectacular performances. Conductor of orchestras, choirs, concert bands and musical theater, he also regularly composes, and founded the Concert University. Resources Mentioned: Stephen’s Website Concert University Classic Jabber Podcast

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Ep. 11 Struggling is for Suckers

struggling is for suckers

Welcome to Struggleville. The founding date of this vast metropolis coincides with the beginnings of the human race. Its population is unknown. It comprises the vast majority of working musicians, artists, plumbers, toilet paper salesmen, and the people who put those little seals on the end of your tube of toothpaste. Struggleville is a sad…

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