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Ep. 10 Hot and Messy…Sex, er, Success (Don’t Ask, Just Listen) w/ Laura Host

Laura Host is a passionate entrepreneur who is focused on building her online empire by helping many other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

Laura has failed her way to success. She is not afraid to take chances and she is certainly not afraid to work hard.

Although Laura has a bachelors degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Pathology, she is self-taught in the majority of her online business endeavors. She is a non-stop student and studies personal growth and marketing strategies on a daily basis.

Laura will not sugar coat her reality. Life has not been easy. It’s been tough, but she is tougher. Her motto is: “Jesus is my jam and people are my passion”… which keeps her humble, focused, and reminded to always love more. Giver’s gain could never be more true in her life.

Guest’s Website: www.laurahost.com

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