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Ep. 11 Experience the Magic of Waking Up at 5 AM w/ Jen MacQuarrie

I’m a morning person

I wasn’t always that way. But I joined the Army. The Army is a morning person. So I had to adjust my precious sleep schedule, which meant missing NBA playoff games which started at 9 pm EST (which is ridiculous, those poor saps on the west coast can watch a tape delay.)

But eventually I got into the habit — indeed I saw, and still see the immense value of waking up before everyone else in the house is up.

Jen MacQuarrie wanted a change in her life, and she decided to start waking up at 5 AM at the behest of a guy named Robin Sharma who has a youtube channel on that very topic (see the link below).

Now Jen has a coaching business, and she’s taken a cue from Robin Sharma by identifying herself as the 5 AM wakeup queen.

I got a chance to talk with Jen a couple of weeks ago, and I share her story with you now.

Among the highlights from our chat:

  • The “ah ha” moment that led to Jen starting the 5 am wakeup routine
  • Why deviating from a habit doesn’t mean you’ve broken the habit
  • Knowing the “WHY” behind doing something (like wakeup at 5 am)

Resources mentioned:

Jen’s 5 AM Wakeup Challenge Facebook group

Robin Sharma’s 5 AM Club YouTube Channel

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