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Ep. 13 Why “To-Do” Lists Kill Productivity, Why Working Harder Lowers Your Income, and Knowing Your True Calling w/ Jarrod Haning

Music is a mental illness

Why else would a highly skilled musician prepare like a doctor in residence to audition for a position in a local community orchestra that pays $3k per year?

Jarrod Haning is currently the principal violist with the world-unknown South Carolina Philharmonic, and thankfully saw the insanity of his surroundings.

Now he teaches musicians and non-musicians key principles of how to work smarter, not harder using a Nobel-nominated technology known as Mind Scan.

In my conversation with Jarrod, you’ll hear about his career in music, about the Mind Scan, and what is holding youback from the success you’re more than capable of achieving.

Learn more about Jarrod and his work with the Mind Scan.

And check out his website Dream Builder.

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