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Ep. 8 Perspectives on Poor, Hidden Gems, Angry Tiger Lilies w/ Singer/Songwriter Holly Brewer

In the first days of my podcasting career, circa 2015, I reached out to Holly Brewer. I can’t even remember how I heard of her, maybe combing through Kickstarter campaigns.

Holly and her husband were at the time promoting a really unique album. It was 40 songs, with a 60 page booklet, all in a bottle. You’ll have to hear Holly explain it ha ha.

But we had a great time, and when I saw her pop up on a Facebook safari a couple of months ago, I asked if she remembered me (of course she did) and if she’d want to do another interview. She said she’d love to — after her tour in South Africa…

So the time came, and we talked about the tour, including her perspectives on seeingĀ realpoverty – and not the kind where you’re a month behind on your internet and cell phone bill either.

We also talked about her music and some of the interesting projects she’s got cooking.

For example, I’ll bet you didn’t know that tiger lilies have a mean streak.

Again, just listen…

All that and more on thisĀ scintillatingĀ episode of Screw “The Plan”, brought to you by The Easy School of Hard Knocks.

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