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Ep. 16 Crisis of Conscience: The Untold Story of Conscientious Objectors in the Modern (Voluntary) Military


Dharma: The sacred duty The soldier’s dharma is to obey orders without question. But what happens when obeying those orders results in what I call a “crisis of conscience?” What is your dharma then? I say it’s to be true to yourself, to do everything in your power to change your circumstances so that you…

Ep. 15 Unauthorized Patriotism: The Backstory of Jimi Hendrix’ Performance of The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock


Was Jimi Hendrix’ raucous performance of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock disrespectful? Many believe that to be the case upon hearing it. Courtney Brown, professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta believes otherwise. He believes Hendrix displayed true patriotism with his performance. You know, theĀ unauthorizedĀ form of patriotism which actually criticizes the government…

Ep. 14 Balancing the High Wire Between Education and Learning w/ Mark Taylor


Mark Taylor is a professional percussionist. If people in England need a high-quality performer, they call Mark. Mark is also a father, and when some glaring issues in the education system arose, he didn’t sit idly by and complain. He did something about it. He started a podcast called Education on Fire. It caught on.…