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Ep. 13 Why “To-Do” Lists Kill Productivity, Why Working Harder Lowers Your Income, and Knowing Your True Calling w/ Jarrod Haning


Music is a mental illness Why else would a highly skilled musician prepare like a doctor in residence to audition for a position in a local community orchestra that pays $3k per year? Jarrod Haning is currently the principal violist with the world-unknown South Carolina Philharmonic, and thankfully saw the insanity of his surroundings. Now…

Ep. 12 Originality Wins Out Every Time


I recently made a decision. And it was a fairly easy one at that. I decided to simplify the name of my podcast. A couple of months ago, I had one of those lightbulb moments. I’ve just laid down for sleep, and the thought “Screw the plan” comes into my mind. That would be a…

Ep. 11 Experience the Magic of Waking Up at 5 AM w/ Jen MacQuarrie


I’m a morning person I wasn’t always that way. But I joined the Army. The Army is a morning person. So I had to adjust my precious sleep schedule, which meant missing NBA playoff games which started at 9 pm EST (which is ridiculous, those poor saps on the west coast can watch a tape…