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Ep. 10 Hot and Messy…Sex, er, Success (Don’t Ask, Just Listen) w/ Laura Host


Laura Host is a passionate entrepreneur who is focused on building her online empire by helping many other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Laura has failed her way to success.¬†She is not afraid to take chances and she is certainly not afraid to work hard. Although Laura has a bachelors degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing…

Ep. 9 So, I Chucked My Diploma This Past Week. Here’s Why.


It’s not because it was taking up space ha ha!

Ep. 8 Perspectives on Poor, Hidden Gems, Angry Tiger Lilies w/ Singer/Songwriter Holly Brewer


In the first days of my podcasting career, circa 2015, I reached out to Holly Brewer. I can’t even remember how I heard of her, maybe combing through Kickstarter campaigns. Holly and her husband were at the time promoting a really unique album. It was 40 songs, with a 60 page booklet, all in a…