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What my listeners are saying:

"James has been podcasting with the pros for years but this new little podcast is great for everyone who wants a little something personal and inspiring for their day! Great new show!"

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"What a beautiful show. The music, the guests and the host are excellent. James has a soothing and uplifting voice. The audio is well done and the advice is well worth binge listening to all of the episodes!"

iTunes Review

"From learning Mandarin to playing music to traveling through South America, James has brought together an eclectic array of interesting guests here!"

iTunes Review

Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep. 2 The Best Way to Send Daily Emails, How to Coach Coaches, Snake-Oil Salesmen and Much More w/ Marc Mawhinney


What an honor to bring onto my little show Marc Mawhinney. I’ve known Marc for awhile now. In fact, our Facebook “friendversary” was just a few weeks ago. Happy Friendversary, Marc! (I now take credit cards for gifts) Well, I’ve been intrigued with the work Marc does. He’s a coach who coaches coaches. If you’re…

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